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Heat pump

Asker og Røyken rør AS offers heat pumps. We perform new installation, service or replacement of older pumps.

We offer inspections and non-binding price offers. Contact us today if you have questions or want to book an inspection

!!OBS!! We do not install air-air pumps.
We only offer air-water or water-water



On cold winter days in Norway, it quickly becomes expensive to heat the house. With a large home and a large family, the electricity bills can also become really large with the recent developments over the years. Therefore, more and more Norwegians resort to the heating alternatives that are as affordable as possible. Here there are few who can compete with the heat pump.


comfort and good indoor climate

Quiet and a pleasant warmth throughout the house.

It takes care of most things itself. You do not have to buy fuel, control the pump remotely via your mobile phone and can get a total statistics on energy consumption.


Environmentally friendly

When heat pumps replace electric heating, they release electricity that can be used in environmentally friendly electric cars, for example. In this way, a more efficient use of electricity will also contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps have no local emissions, and do not require storage or transport of fuel.

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